About us

The Auction House Srbinovski was registered on 5th March 2002. in Novi Sad, as the first registered auction house in the province.

Since then we have organized more than 300 auctions of paintings and sculptures, through TV auctions on local TV stations across Serbia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic, and through live auctions.

Our auction house is in constant contact with art-loving public, in order to evaluate the art that they have, and the eventual sale of the same. For many of them we protected and saved paintings from the decay, thanks to our partners conservationists, paintings that seemingly looked destroyed are again in all their glory. We equipped and refined many business and apartments with appropriate art, keeping in mind the design of interior and furniture, use of space, etc.

In addition to the seven full-time employees in our auction house, when needed, our associates are art historians, experts on particular art periods, old furniture, porcelain, silver, etc. as well as conservators and restorers.